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The wide range of medical furniture manufactured by our company, starting from the simplest trays for instruments or medical equipment  up to different complex configurations of hospital furniture, is intended to satisfy the requirements of the most exigent customers.
By the technical solutions adopted and not less by the most active and exigent quality control performed by our specialists, the medical furniture manufactured by our company  surpasses in the most cases, regarding the features and the hardiness, the medical furniture supplied from import.

The manufacturing company MEDGRUP is a company certified ISO 9001 : 2000 for the quality management system, all the products bearing the CE mark.

Our manufacturing has the important advantage of the flexibility – could be achieved specific configurations, different colours for the upholstery and sheets, etc – and of the modularity – the new furniture could be easily integrated in the existing configurations.

An extended technical support is permanently offered by our engineers and technicians, we are permanently proposing smart and economic solutions to the problems related to the endowment or completion of the medical facilities.

Our group of companies :
MEDFARM TRADING – import and distribution of medical equipment and instruments
MEDGRUP  - manufacturing of medical furniture
MEDICAL PLANET – show room for medical equipment
offers the most suitable solutions for the complete supply of medical cabinets, clinics and hospitals.

Our manufacturing company MEDGRUP is open to cooperate in the field of medical furniture with manufacturing companies and distributors all over the world .


Dipl.eng.Miron Tonghioiu